Why FabStyle?

Shop FabStyle | To suit your every whim The one and only FabStyle is the only service of its kind in the country. When you’r looking for bespoke suiting on hire, you’re looking for us.

Like new. Every time.

Every suit, after every use, is dry-cleaned the Italian way at All Dry – our dry-cleaning plant replete with Italian machinery and methodology -  and followed up with an innovative steam-pressing technique; the entire process of which returns every suit to form.

Premium suits in their prime

At FabStyle, every suit is retired after a maximum of 15 rentals (as opposed to industry practices of 50 – 80 rentals per suit). So, no matter what you decide on wearing, you can be guaranteed you’re using a suit at the top of its game.

Tailor-made for you
Don one of our suits and you’ll feel like it was made-to-order. And that’s no accident: it’s a result of our 30 year tradition in tailoring and bespoke suit making.

A suit for every season
With an exhaustive range of fabrics and styles, FabStyle guarantees that no matter what the occasion – be it a graduation, wedding, wake or anything in between - we’ll have you covered.

At your complete service
At FabStyle, we pride ourselves on the level of customer engagement and satisfaction offered. And we’re always at hand, to ensure you never feel otherwise.

More retail than rental
Modelled on the principles of a traditional couturier, FabStyle offers less of an online rental experience and more of a real-world retail one. And with experience centres – for that extra touch and feel - in the pipeline, you’ll never feel wanting when choosing a suit.

Rewarding loyalty with loyalty
FabStyle offers free shipping on all its suits, in addition to a number of value-based subscription formats, group discounts and so much more. And the more you keep returning, the more we’ll keep on giving.

No Card, no problem
FabStyle offers cash on delivery services, to suit your convenience; as we’ve done with pretty much everything else.